Harry Potter: Doppy

The Adventures of Los Angeles

First Impression

After landing and getting ourselves settled in LA we had to go shopping. We stopped by “The Grove”, which is a big outdoor shopping mall.  Not evening spending 24 hours in LA I already spent more than 200 dollars just from clothe shopping. It is true what they say about LA being a superficial city.

Warner Brothers Tour

Probably a must see when you’re in LA would be the Warner Brothers Tour. Not only because Ellen Degeneres her show there but also the set of “Friends” and “Harry Potter” costumes. We got to see crazy cool costumes that you saw in Harry Potter and little creatures. Here are some photos:

Friends, TV show
The Famous Couch
Harry Potter
Harry Potter
I don’t know what that was.
Harry Potter: Doppy
Harry Potter: Doppy
I love Doppy
Harry Potter
Harry Potter: Creepy Spider Book
Harry Potter
Harry Potter: Creepy Ginger Root Thingy.
Pretty Weird Looking
Warner Brothers
Warner Brothers – Water

Must go at least once!

I wouldn’t be able to stay in LA for long but it was definitely a great experience! You all should go!


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